Last weekend there was a very special celebration at our childrens preschool. The director of the preschool known by all as "Janie Pops" is retiring for a sea change, she has been at the KU Killarney Heights preschool for 12 years. However, she has worked for KU for much longer than that, having been a student teacher at KU Mosman when I was there are a little girl myself!

Janie Pops is part of the framework of the Killarney Heights community, which is very close knit, so as you can see there was a huge number of families who came to wish her well. One her request it was an afternoon tea with chicken sandwiches and champagne, some beautiful speeches, a special visit from our local clown "Sparkles" aka Tony, and lots of fun for all.

I arrived late just after the speeches had started, as I was coming from photographing a Christening that morning, and was a little emcumbered with a sick child so couldn't move around at will like I usually would. However, the below show the afternoon with the large crowd and atmosphere as a memory for Janie Pops of a special farewell :-)


  1. Jane Pethers on November 13, 2014 at 4:38 PM said:
    Thank you Jen, What an amazing afternoon. Your photographs are simply superb and have captured the many beautiful moments forever. Not quite sure what Emma was doing with the knife in the kitchen! x
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