Frequently Asked Questions

How large can we print the photos?
All photos are provided to you in high resolution on your USB, so you can enlarge the image to as big as poster size without loosing quality. 

We do recommend if you wish to print large images we produce these for you to ensure quality and colour matching.

Do all your packages include 2 photographers?
Yes we generally work as a team, for weddings we both capture different elements of your day however ,if you wish us to tailor a package with only one photographer please ask. 

For portraits we work generally work as one photographer, however rest assured we are very experienced at interacting with you from behind the camera and getting those lovely reactions.

Can the photos be printed in Black & White or Colour?
Yes, as we photograph in the digital medium all of the photos can be printed in colour, B&W or sepia whichever is your preference.

What should we wear for the portrait shoot?

The most important rule to go by when planning outfits for the family is choose items for the entire family as if you were creating one outfit. If all of the clothes were somehow put on one person, would the result be pleasing, colourwise? Try to choose items that aren't going to date quickly, keep thing simple and classic. Colours always come up beautifully, and you can stick with classic colour palettes such as white, turquoise and yellow OR cream, taupe and browns OR red, white and blue. 

Things to avoid are, crinkly linen, logo's, precisely matching siblings and clashing colours and patterns. And most importantly is everyone going to be comfortable, children particularly won’t enjoy the photo session if they wearing clothes that are itchy or ill fitting. 

If you're not sure about what will work best, why not lay out the clothes on your bed and mix & match to see what suits. Or feel free to give me a call to discuss.

What is the best location for portrait shoots?
We can work anywhere, however, parks and beaches tend to give you varying backgrounds and lighting conditions to give you a range of photos. If you wish to have the photos in your own home we like to work with natural light and clean backgrounds, however, we can make any environment produce beautiful images.

What is the best age to take photos of my children?
The answer to this is any age really, every developmental age has its own uniqueness to capture. Newborns are so tiny, floppy and sleepy, to capture this you really need to have the photos taken in the first 10 days or wait until 12 weeks when they are happy and interacting. Then when your baby is sitting up we can sthoot beautiful images. Again as they become a toddler, we capture the fascination and imagination as they grow.

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