Little baby Oscar was 1 week old when I got to meet him with his very proud Mum, Dad and big brother William at their family home. At this age, he should have still been sleepy and dreaming only of milk and cuddles, content to let the world move around him..... but whether it was the education in the womb by his big brother, who is non-stop activity, or just wanting to get to know the world quicker, Oscar spent the morning keeping an eye on this strange lady and her camera, plus keeping one ear open to hear what his brother was up to!

He is so adorable, with his 'old man' wrinkles in his forehead and brow, and very alert eyes it was hard not to just enjoy the attention. However, we all worked hard to get him to relax and sleep, even William and myself heading off for a play in his bedroom and jumping on his bed (a forbidden activity made it all the more fun!). Finally Oscar decided he would just give in and sleep for the lovely lady here to take his photograph.

Thanks to the whole family for welcoming me into your home and allowing me to capture in photographs this very special time for you x

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