Alyce & Ryan do everything in the unconventional way.... When I first met them last year Alyce had just proposed to Ryan and as they were planning on eloping to Las Vegas to get married, the wanted some couple portraits of themselves in lieu of wedding photos..... We had a great laugh and got some great photos as you can see from our blog.

So they went ahead and got married in Vegas at Christmas time, a drive thru wedding dressed in their tracksuit pants and hoodies! But in the mean time established they also needed a civil ceremony in Australia to make it legal, so this small family gathering (well that was the plan which grew) was held on their return at the Sebel Kiama. 

Our wedding photography is slightly different to our normal style, because of the small intimate nature of the wedding only one photographer was required to travel on location to Kiama. I was really excited to be the one to photograph their wedding as they are such a lovely couple and so much fun, it was a joy. And what dramatic scenary there is at the headland and blow hole of Kiama.

Thanks guys I enjoyed your second wedding x
Bridal details at Sebel Kiama - sydney wedding photographer
Bride with a 50s style wedding dress twirling -sydney wedding photographer
Bride with her family pre wedding at Sebel Kiama - sydney wedding photographer
Groom with
Wedding ceremony on the verandah of the old school house Sebel Kiama - sydney wedding photographer
Ranging facial expression of the couple during their wedding ceremony - sydney wedding photographer
<img alt="" and="" they="" lived="" happily="" ever="" after="" sign="" -="" sydney="" wedding="" photographer"="" data-cke-saved-src="/files/2713628/uploaded/Sydney Wedding Photographer on Location in Kiama_0007.jpg" src="/files/2713628/uploaded/Sydney Wedding Photographer on Location in Kiama_0007.jpg" style="width: 800px; height: 445px; ">
Bridal couple w their guests - Syd wed photo
Couple walking along the foreshore of Kiama - sydney wedding photographer
Bridal couple on the rocks at Kiama headland - sydney wedding photographer
B&W portraits of a bride and groom in Kiama - sydney wedding photographer
Laughing couple on the coastal cliff at Kiama - sydney wedding photographer
Picnicing bridal couple - sydney wedding photographer

Bride and groom playing with heart initials - sydney wedding photographer
Bridal portraits at the lighthouse at Kiama - sydney wedding photographer
Bridal couple at the Kiama blow hole - sydney wedding photographer
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